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thirty the sheriff had come hack from the cabin of the negro,
where further investigations were being made. He and his
men had, earlier, taken the negro out to the cabin and had
made him indicate the precise place where, according to his
story, the frog found the knife. Then one of the deputies
had taken the negro back to town, handcuffed to the buggy
seat. The sheriff and his men had searched the cabin and
the shed and the crib. On the north side of the crib,
diagonally across from the place indicated by the negro, they
had found a large silver watch on a plaited thong, stuck in a
crevice between two pieces of limestone on which the crib
was set. The watch was identified as Duffy's, by Duffy's son.
After the defendant had told on the stand of the theft of the
knife from the table in his kitchen, and after the knife and
the watch had been produced and identified, Mr. Munn
moved that the case against Harris Trevelyan be dismissed.
The motion was granted.

Mr. Munn walked toward the chair where Trevelyan sat.
He forced himself to smile as he put his hand out to Trevel-
yan, saying, "Well, and that's that, and I hope it'll be the
end of your troubles."

Trevelyan rose slowly from his chair, looked for an instant
at Mr. Munn's outstretched hand as though he did not
comprehend the gesture, and then offered his own hand.
"Kin I go now?" he asked.

Mr. Munn nodded, and moved toward the aisle. Trevel-
yaa's wife was standing there with a hand on the railing,
looking toward her husband. But when Mr. Munn approached
her, she turned to him and seemed to be about to speak.
She was wearing that blue crepe<le~Chine dress, he noticed,
and an old brown coat which hung loosely from her shoul-
ders. " I'm much obliged," she said, her voice fiat.

"That's ai! right," Mr. Munn replied, feeling suddenly
embarrassed and, somehow, unworthy.

** Fm much obliged," she repeated.

** That's all right We just had luck," Mr. Munn told her,
and then realized that the woman was not looking at liim